Trivial benefits

Ever heard of ‘Trivial Benefits’? If not it might be very useful to you to know about!

HMRC have recently clarified what ‘trivial benefits’ are under the UK tax scheme, how they are logged according to tax, and who can receive them. If you’re a company owner or director, they may be very useful to you in terms of improving staff morale and saying ‘thanks’ when employees go above and beyond for … Continue Reading

Accounting for Trades Persons

Are you a self-employed Plumber, builder, Central heating engineer, plasterer, painter and decorator or electrician? Do you engage the services of sub-contractors? Do you run your business as a limited company? Are you Vat registered? If the answer to all of these questions is yes then the finance function within your business will require all of the following tasks performing on a weekly or monthly basis

A fast guide to corporation tax for UK companies

Corporation Tax is a tax paid by businesses in the UK and is calculated on annual profits in a similar way to how income tax is calculated for individuals, however, companies don’t get an equivalent personal allowance – all profits are taxable – however, there are some expenses and deductions that can be claimed to … Continue Reading

Stressed about VAT? Here are some tips

Stressed about VAT? VAT can be an incredibly stressful and complicated process. Due to the seemingly endless and sometimes confusing rules. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know whether you are correctly handling your VAT. Or if your business is overpaying or underpaying. If after reading this article you decide an accountant can help … Continue Reading