Virtual Chief Financial Officer (Virtual CFO)

Does your business have in-house support for the entire finance function?  Perhaps you employ a full time finance director to look after this side of your business.  If so, it’s probably fair to say that you are paying them within the region of £50-60k per annum.  Have you ever considered outsourcing this and using the services of a Virtual Chief Financial Officer (Virtual CFO) which would be a fraction of the cost?

To put it simply a Virtual Chief Financial Officer does what a full-time finance director would do but on a part time basis for a fraction of the cost. For most small businesses, cost is a critical factor in deciding the scope of the accounting services they can afford.   A virtual CFO will become a key part of your business.  Someone who knows the financial side of it inside and out and is a key source of financial advice.

As a consequence of the above we have seen an opening in the market for Virtual Chief Financial Officer and have launched our own specialist virtual CFO service.   The virtual CFO service provided by Millhouses Accountancy will provide all of the services provided by a full time CFO. 

What is included in the virtual CFO service?

Our virtual CFO Service includes the following:

  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts.  We will prepare management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.  This will include a profit and loss account, a balance sheet and a cash flow so you can see each month or quarter how your business is performing, and take corrective action if deviating from budgets
  • One onsite visit per month (we can offer additional visits if required).  This will be to present the management accounts at board meetings where we can discuss the current financial position and performance of your company and make recommendations as to any improvements which could be made
  • Prepare an annual budget and cash flow forecast
  • Manage and control cash flow on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Represent the business at meetings with the bank
  • Tax planning – We will provide tax planning on a monthly or quarterly basis and advise on current tax liabilities at that present moment in time whilst also identifying and advising on ways of minimising these
  • Unlimited support and advice via telephone or email (which will be included in our monthly fee)
  • Offer advice on and implement (where necessary) the latest bookkeeping and accounting software

Knowing that key decisions can be taken alongside consultation with an accounting professional, who knows the business, gives the owners confidence to concentrate on other key areas knowing that the financial side of the business is in safe hands. It can sometimes be difficult to see the big picture if you are focused on the day-to-day running of the business and so having a knowledgeable source of independent advice can be a great help.

Millhouses Accountancy is delighted to be able to offer this service and is happy to discuss a range of virtual CFO options/packages based on budget. 

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